DHS Classmates!!
Welcome to our 40th reunion website. Our reunion will take place on the weekend of September 7-8th in Darien. Please check your calendars, and purchase your tickets, either a ticket for all the events (All In Ticket), or just the tailgate and picnic festivities (Half In). Once you buy your ticket(s), please be sure to let us know if you will be attending the tailgate and picnic, which you can do on the ticket page.
What is planned?!?!
We are planning a tailgate party before the 7 pm Friday night home football game vs. Ridgefield. 
Saturday, a lunch picnic at Weed Beach and then, our grand evening at the Country Club of Darien beginning at 6:30, with a cocktail hour, dinner, dancing and of course, a lot of fun.
Please add an update on this page as to your recent past, current news, and future prospects!
Also, most importantly, please reach out to your friends, and encourage them to reach out to their friends, and so on and so on to spread the news, website info, reunion date, and encourage all to come!! If you have friends or know people with whom you went to elementary or junior high school, and then they went away for high school - they are certainly invited as well!! All Darien classmates are more than welcome, even those in other classes.
Spread the word!
Check this website often as it will be updated with missing classmates, rsvps, and more information!

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