Ticket Price is ....drum roll please: 
All In - $100 per person, which includes the following:
Friday night Tailgate before the football game
Saturday Lunch Picnic at Weed Beach Picnic Area
Saturday Night "Gala" at Country Club of Darien (Cash Bar)

Half In - $50 per person includes the Friday night Tailgate and the Picnic at Weed Beach on Saturday


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Hell Yeah! Count me in all the way!$100.00
This ticket covers the Friday night tailgate, Saturday lunch picnic and Saturday Night Main Event
When:September 7-8, 2018
Where:Darien, CT
Number of Tickets:
Hell Yeah, but only count me in half the way!$50.00
This ticket covers Friday night tailgate and Saturday lunch picnic, if you can't make Saturday night's main event
When:September 7-8
Where:DHS (Friday night); Weed Beach (Saturday)
Number of Tickets:
Ticket Holder FOR RSVP ONLY: Friday Night Tailgate
For head count only! If you bought a ticket, either all in or half, please let us know if you plan on tailgating before the football game at DHS. Thanks!
When:09/07/2018 5:00
Where:DHS by the tennis courts
Number of Registrations:
Ticket Holder RSVP ONLY: Weed Beach Lunch Picnic
For head count only: if you've bought a ticket, either all in or half, please let us know if you plan on attending the picnic at Weed Beach. Thanks!
When:09/08/2018 12:00 p.m.
Where:Weed Beach picnic area, Darien
Number of Registrations: